Wholesale Toolkit

Our Wholesale Toolkit shows underlying cost prices (as traded in North West Europe).

This information can be used by customers purchasing fuel via bulk delivery, bunker transfer or fuel card, in order to benchmark supply quotes and monitor variance in supplier premiums. By doing so day-to-day or week-to-week, you are immediately able to identify when your premiums rise or fall.

Toolkit features

Live Prices

Our live price chart updates every two minutes, allowing you to monitor trends in the market throughout the day and instantly calculate supplier premiums as you receive spot quotes on bulk deliveries or bunker stock.

Settlement Prices

We publish daily and weekly settlement prices, showing a detailed breakdown of the wholesale fuel price. This can be used to calculate supplier premiums on daily or weekly bulk deliveries, bunker transfers and fuel card rates.

Purchasing Alerts

Our unique buy/hold purchasing alert compares current weekly prices against the following week’s expected price, allowing you to strategically place orders at the right time in order to take advantage of the lowest possible price.

Custom Prices

Set up custom price calculations in order to monitor ongoing fixed premium agreements on a daily or weekly basis, to ensure you are getting the rate you have agreed with your supplier.