Our Renewables Toolkit shows prices and emissions data for alternative fuel grades such as HVO, FAME and Propane in both UK and NWE markets.

This information can be used by customers purchasing alternative fuel grades to monitor the prices they receive from their suppliers against the wholesale market, to ensure they are receiving a competitive price, and to compare the emissions reduction benefits of various renewable fuels.

Toolkit features

Settlement Prices

Our daily and weekly settlement prices show you up to date price breakdowns for various alternative fuel grades, including (where relevant) the difference in costs relative to different markets e.g. HVO for use in road-going vehicles vs home heating use.

30 Day Price Tracker

Our 30 day price tracker graph is updated daily to show you longer term movement in the price of alternative fuel grades. Dependent on grade, the graph can be customised to show prices with and without duty, or to compare long term prices on different fuel blends.

GHG Comparison

GHG Comparison

Portland’s greenhouse gas (GHG) comparison chart shows the carbon intensity of various alternative fuels, alongside the percentage reduction in emissions compared against a baseline of 100% fossil diesel to show which grades result in a greater saving.