Fuel Card

Our Fuel Card Toolkit shows average weekly fuel card prices across several different card networks.

This information can be used to monitor variance in premiums applied by fuel card providers and compare prices across various networks and price mechanisms, to ensure you are receiving competitive weekly prices.

Toolkit features

Weekly Prices

We publish average weekly prices across several different networks, including UK Fuels, Texaco Fast Fuels and Keyfuels, covering both Monday to Friday and Friday to Thursday price mechanisms. Prices are broken down to show base price, bio costs and network fees.

Purchasing Alerts

Our fuel card buy/hold alert compares current weekly prices against the following week’s expected price, based on movements in the daily wholesale market. This allows you to strategically plan your fuel card purchases at the right time in order to take advantage of the lowest price.

Pump Price Comparison

Compare current weekly fuel card rates against the daily national average pump price, to see how your commercial rates compare to the retail price available at UK forecourts.