Forecourt Toolkits

Our Forecourt Toolkit shows average prices available on forecourts around the UK.

This information can be used by customers operating retail sites to gain an insight into the market and their local or national competition, and by customers buying fuel at pump price (either with cash, credit card or fuel card) to identify the cheapest location to fill up.

Toolkit features

Average Prices

We publish daily and weekly national average retail prices, available on UK forecourts. This information can be used to calculate average transport costs, or as a replacement to the EU Oil Bulletin following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Price Predictor

By monitoring live movements in the wholesale market, our price predictor compares current prices against expected prices over the next fortnight, allowing you to plan ahead for changes in price.

5 Day Trend

The five-day trend looks at national average pump prices over the previous five working days, to provide an assessment as to whether the market is currently trending upwards or downwards.

Price Map

Our price map can be used to identify average pump prices within a 5, 10 or 25-mile radius of a specific postcode, enabling forecourt operators to benchmark their pump prices against local competition, and forecourt fuel buyers to identify the cheapest location to fill up when route planning.