Delivered-In Toolkits

Our Delivered-In Toolkit shows average bulk prices (including delivery & transport costs).

This information can be used to benchmark existing supply contracts, see how your prices compare to regional/national averages and to calculate or monitor fuel escalators.

Toolkit features

Price Map

Our price map shows region-specific, average bulk fuel prices around the UK and Ireland on both a daily and weekly basis, in addition to the industry recognised national delivered-in price benchmark, officially endorsed by Logistics UK (formerly the Freight Transport Association [FTA]).

Surcharge Calculator

Whether you are a haulier looking to protect against rising fuel costs, or you use third party transport to move your goods, you can use our surcharge calculator to work out or verify movements in your haulage rate.

Price Comparison

Benchmark your historic delivered-in prices over the previous month, to see how you compared to the national or regional average price. By monitoring prices on an ongoing basis, you will immediately be able to react when your prices become less competitive.

Monthly Price Report

Our monthly price report is published on the first working day of each month, showing average prices on a wealth of grades across the previous six months, in addition to market commentary explaining the reasons behind movements in price.