Portland are the UK’s recognised experts on all things fuel. Set up in 2009 by James Spencer, Portland began as a specialised hedging provider; over twelve years on, we offer a wide range of services (for more information, refer to our group site), covering every aspect of the downstream fuel sector.

Portland Pricing is a web-based information service, designed to make fuel purchasing simple and understandable by providing insight into the way fuel is priced.

Through access to our online Fuel Buying Toolkits, we allow customers to see how fuel prices are calculated, enabling you to challenge suppliers on pricing, check costs against supplier/transport agreements and understand developments in the oil market.

We offer five toolkits, covering the full downstream fuel supply chain from refinery to pump, to suit a range of purchase methods. Each toolkit is customisable by fuel grade, allowing you to build a subscription that suits your needs.

For more information on each of our toolkits, use the links below:

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